Manifesting Money

A playful game you can adopt when you’re trying to manifest money consists of spotting money in the street. The reason for doing this is to increase your awareness of how you might spot money “opportunities” that otherwise would pass you by.

Even if you don’t really believe this has much to do with manifestation, I urge you to try it because it’s a playful and exciting game, which will demonstrate to you some fundamental truths about how the world operates.

How Manifestation Works

That is to say, some fundamental truths about how manifestation operates, and how the Law of Attraction can help you get whatever you want in life.

First and foremost you need to have desire to make this work.

Desire means many things to different people, but in the context of the law of attraction, it actually means something like passion or intense desire for a particular outcome.

(At this juncture, I’m sure I need hardly add that you have to know clearly what your desired outcome is before you start trying to manifest it!)

So how do you generate desire? If you think about it, in everyday life most of us are quite lukewarm about our intentions and objectives, and we often don’t pay much heed to the things that we want.

In truth, we live a bland life that generally doesn’t allow for much passion of any kind.

Video: Manifestation

If you’re going to manifest anything successfully you need to have passion, you need to have desire; in fact, you need to have a burning desire for your outcome. It follows, as I think you can see quite clearly, that you really need to have a good reason for wanting something.

You need to have an absolutely passionate desire for something that will massively change the quality of your life, that will make things so different for you that your life will never be the same again.

And since manifestation and using the Law of Attraction are such a personal process, nobody can come up with a desired objective that will generate such level of excitement for you.

You have to do this yourself. It may be a relationship, a loving relationship with a man who loves you – click here to read more about that – or prosperity, or abundance. Or anything. Even good sex…..

If you’re not used to having a passionate desire for something in life, then it’s quite easy to imagine this step could be a challenge for you, and yet the Law of Attraction will not work unless it’s driven by intense emotion.

But we are going to move on, assuming that you have generated intense passion for something.

It’s a delicious and delightful experience, when you finally managed to summon up intense desire for a new objective.

You, like anyone of us, could live a wholly passionate and exciting life, and it’s fair to say that if you’re not doing that right now, then you’re probably living the “wrong” life.

Anyway, that diversion or digression aside, we are going to assume that you have generated some passion for something. But, one of things that people sometimes do when they generate passion is to increase the level of tension, concern, stress and worry that they experience.

And regrettably, anxiety and fear, concern, tension and stress, are all killers of the process of manifestation. So if you worry about not getting that fantastic relationship which you desire, well, guess what ? No relationship will manifest.

Once again, if you want to stop the process working, these are almost certain ways in which you can do it – so, what you should do instead is adopt an attitude of playful expectancy.

Say you have your intense desire for an outcome, but you don’t know for sure whether it’s going to manifest or not, because your belief is probably not 100% certain.

What you do is adopt an attitude of playful expectancy – the kind of attitude that a child would have when trying to persuade her or his parents to buy a particular gift for a birthday or Christmas present.

Indeed, if you were really want to know what playful expectancy is, then the best way to find out is to talk to a child who wants something badly.

Children usually believe they can get what they want, because they haven’t yet been persuaded by the world to have a lack of self belief, or an excess of self-doubt.

And this allows them to generate many successful manifestations of what they want – while you might have thought that it was just nagging persistence on the part of the child that got them what they wanted….!

Far from it, because children’s ability to manifest anything is a perfect example for all of us of how self belief and persistence can get you what you want…. Oh, yes, and of course, the intense desire that a child feels for its chosen objective is also a model to any adult who is trying to manifest something in their own life.

In short, do you have the passionate desire for something that a child can so easily demonstrate? Is your enthusiasm childlike and playful? Or are you worn down by successive failures, or perhaps by being told repeatedly that you cannot have what you want…?

Now imagine being a child born with positive expectations and gradually learning that in fact the world doesn’t give you what you want.

Could that be, do you think, the reason why you’re now trying to manifest more money?

There’s a website here which talks about the Law of Attraction as well as describing the process of manifestation – and it’s worth a look, because it amplifies the points that I’m making in this blog rather more eloquently and at greater length than I have the time or ability to do here.

Now, back to our theory about manifesting money!

So you have your desire, and you’re now in an attitude of playful expectancy. Will that get you what you want?

Probably not, on its own. You see, you need to have a positive mental attitude, and you need to generate the intense emotion which drives the process of manifestation.

What this means in practice is that you shouldn’t get stressed, and if you do find yourself losing your balance and your relaxed state of mind, then you need to pause, take a breath, and go back to the intensity of your desire.

When you summon up your desire, you feel positive sensations flood through your mind, your body, and your spirit. And as long as you’re able to enter that state of mind at will, you can be pretty sure that the physical world will soon catch up, so as to match the experience you’re feeling in your mind.

Some people believe that this is because when you adopt an absolutely firm and totally congruent belief, even if the subject of that belief is not present in your world, something mystical or metaphysical happens which generates a spiritual transformation, making your reality in the physical world equal to the reality you hold in your subconscious mind.

Love and Acceptance In Manifestation

I love the concept of the Law of Attraction as a way of creating your own life.

Of course you could see the expression “creating your own life” in many ways – from simply exercising more conscious choice through to developing more conscious awareness, all the way through to being completely in control of what manifests in your life.

And by that I mean getting your desires, wishes, and needs met by the timeless process of manifestation – which for the average citizen on planet Earth means using the law of attraction to manifest reality.

But the problem is this: while we’re all attracted to the idea of manifestation, comparatively few of us can make it work.

That’s rather odd, because something really profound about the Law of Attraction resonates with each of us at a deep soul level.

You might have experienced this yourself if manifestations work for you – certainly you will have experienced a sense of astonishment or perhaps a more accurate word is “awe” when something that you’ve been “programming” for suddenly manifests in reality.

However, it’s also undeniable that a lot of people have great difficulty with manifesting their desires.

So why would it be that you cannot use the Law Of Attraction to manifest reality?

Is it a measure of how important something is to us? That the more important a manifestation might be, the more difficult it is to bring it about?

Probably not, because the difficulty of any manifestation is more related to your level of belief than anything else.

I guess to the extent that it’s harder to believe in the possibility of some large objective manifesting, there might be truth in that statement, but I think we need to look deeper.

So many people say that letting go and acceptance of “what is” is the basic key to manifestation. Then surely manifesting those things which are really important to us will be more? How will we simply sit back, meditate, visualize, relax and accept what is?

You’ll have heard of the old paradigm, indeed, for it is probably one of the ones by which you are living: results are achieved through hard work, possibly unpleasant work, and maybe even through suffering.

Certainly many of us are brought up on beliefs like this, and these are very limiting to our ability to manifest anything successfully in the world around us.

But where else would a human being, in human form, living on this planet, base a projection of what might be the way to create the future (and here we are specifically talking about manifesting reality) than what has happened in the past?

Of course that makes perfect sense.

But it could be that basing your thinking about manifestation on what’s happened in the past, which is based on your physical existence on the planet rather than the spiritual form of the universal intelligence, is a big mistake.

But, it is true, surrendering to the universal force (Universal Intelligence) can be quite challenging. Surrender is a state which implies evolution towards trust in the source from which we came. But while we are living in this material world, surrounded by all the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that we each and every one of us hold, surrender can be quite difficult.

There is obviously an evolutionary process at work here in the sense that the more you evolve spiritually, the more you will be able to surrender, and let go, the more able to trust in the universe and expect the highest possibilities that can manifest for you to really appear in your life.

It’s OK if you can’t do this right from the start of your manifestation journey, because unless you are a highly spiritually evolved human being, the difficulties you will face in believing that manifestation is a reality may stop the process from happening.

Yet, by positively assessing all things that have happened in the past, you might be able to bring your awareness to some more satisfactory level – one perhaps where you can manifest small things.

And by the way, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to establish a state of perfection: you are working on your energy, you are engaged in a spiritual process which will help you evolve to a higher level of manifestation ability; so while you may need to work on your limiting beliefs, you certainly have all the basics of a successful “manifestor” already in place.

To the best of your ability, you need to wrap yourself in an aura of positive energy – by which I mean positive thinking.

This has gotten a bad rap over the years, simply because positive thinking has become a cliche.

But how much better to live your life in a state of joy and happiness and positive expectancy, than to wait for bad things to happen!

A state of negative thinking diminishes your experience of life on every level, and the negative beliefs which flow so easily from a negative state of mind will inhibit your ability to manifest in a massive way.

You can’t build trust in the ability of the universe to manifest your desires if you’re surrounded by negativity on many levels. The point is that negativity makes it hard for you to let in grace, hard to accept, hard to trust, and indeed prevents the very openness with which you can gracefully receive manifestations.

Needless to say none of this negativity is actually yours. It was given to you by the people who raised you. It’s fair to say, I think, that they knew no better, and that what they were doing was hopefully well-intentioned.

Even so, what they gave you – the negative introjections, which means the negative energies that you absorb from your caregivers – can be blocks to making manifestation work.

But there’s the challenge, perhaps the ultimate challenge: if you want to manifest anything successfully, the first thing you have to do is get away from the idea that knowledge is everything, and accept that experience is the key to manifestation.

Find a teacher whose instructions really resonate with you, and then follow those instructions. If you’re changing your methodology from day-to-day, it’s fairly certain you’re not going to succeed.

The Law of Attraction Can Help You Manifest Anything

One of the most interesting concepts about manifestation is the idea of polarity. Steve Pavlina, who is an expert on manifestation, has talked about the energetic component of manifestation as being more important than the content component of manifestation – which it actually is!

There is very little doubt about that – because without the appropriate levels of energetic input to your manifestation intention, the universe will manifest what’s already programmed into it (i.e not what you want). To disrupt that programming requires high levels of energy.

Steve talks about using polarity as the key to emotional and intentional energy in the process of manifestation using the law of creation or law of attraction.

He’s talking about concepts that are a little bit far out, so you really need to open your mind to the possibility of thinking differently on this one!

However, having said that, any dedicated student of manifestation, which actually means anyone who really wants the process of manifestation to work for them, will have an open mind, and be ready to try out anything that is likely to assist the process of conscious creation.

So start from the following proposition: that every thought has two components – content and energy.

You can think of content as simply information. What content does a thought consist of? If you think of an apple, then the content is some kind of representation of that Apple. If you have an intention to manifest a million dollars in your life, then the content of that thought process is – yes, you guessed it – a million bucks.

That’s pretty simple and you can understand, I’m quite sure, that when you’re manifesting, the thought or intention that you hold has no emotional energy associated with it by default. It just is content, pure and simple.

So no matter how emotional you might be about a subject, there is an element of the thinking process which consists of nothing more than pure information, what computer geeks might call “data”.

Separate myth and reality in manifestation

Separate myth and reality in manifestation

To refine this example a little bit more, when I’m angry with my partner because of something that happened between us, the data is about who said what to whom and what happened – the facts that could be observed by a neutral, disinterested observer.

Sure, anybody who’s been in a relationship will know that energy is always associated with this kind of exchange between two partners!

So what in fact is emotional energy? Well, by definition it has to be the non-content portion of a thought, but the problem is that although we all know what our experience of emotional energy actually is, it’s rather hard to describe it in words because it’s a felt experience.

How, do you think it’s possible, to define the energetic component of an emotion in words?

So, for example, if you were being asked by somebody who had never experienced anger, let us say, to explain to them what anger was, you could only reduce it to a descriptor like “anger is a feeling”. Yet this is not an experiential description; in other words you can only know what anger is when you’ve experienced it.

That’s something that we could use as an interesting definition of energy – something that you can only experience, but not describe. Even if you try and describe the symptoms of anger, you’re still describing information (my face went red, my muscles got tense, I shouted loudly – that kind of stuff… it’s only data).

That is something pretty self-evident about this, but intuitively you know full well what content is, and what energy is.

Now what’s the relationship between them?

One thing that helps illustrate the idea is this: you can do is actually try to hold the thought “I am happy” in your mind right now for a few seconds. Take a note of how you feel as you do that.

Now repeat the exercise but make the thought much more energetic. Dance, sing, smile, summon up some happy memory – do something, anything, that will make that thought more energetic.

Having reached a new level of energy, if you hold the thought of being happy in your mind for a few seconds you will notice that it feels very different – the content of the thought remains unchanged, but the energy associated with it is much higher – and because of that, it probably has much more of an impact on you.

One of the lessons that you can take from this is that you are directly in control of your own thoughts and the energy that lies behind them.

You are able to raise and lower the level of energy in any thought that you hold in your mind, and since you have now observed the effect that raising the level of energy behind the thought has on you, you are probably better able to imagine the impact that it can have on the universe.

So a question that arises very often in this situation is whether emotion and energy are the same thing. I don’t actually think that is a very important question, but one answer to it is that emotional energy is the product of a thought process of a particular kind.

As far as manifesting anything using the Law of Attraction is concerned, you don’t actually need to have a clear answer to the question of what emotional energy is, you only need to have an awareness about the fact that you are able to raise and lower the level of energy you experience, and that the more energy you can summon up, the faster the process manifestation will happen.

Manifest with positive thinking

Test the power of positive thinking in manifestation

Steve raises the interesting possibility that actually we’re misguided in the way that we think about emotion and energy, and his view is that emotional energy comes from simply visualizing an energy flow. He says: “You don’t have to flap your arms or smile or jump about in order to generate the energy.”

Certainly that makes the process of manifestation more appealing, more interesting, and more attractive (in case you wondering why – it means there’s less work involved!)

So the formula that now emerges from manifestation looks something like this:

Content plus energy (i.e. intention) plus passion plus direct action equals results

So you’ll see that a particular mixture of passion (which of course is energy in itself) or direct action, and visualization will produce the manifestation that you’re looking for.

The energetic balance of these different components will not always be the same, but nonetheless that’s the formula that will allow you to manifest successfully.

Right now our focus is on the question of energy rather than content. If you do not have any energy to apply to your content, you are not going to manifest successfully.

And the interesting thing about this dynamic rests in something more subtle yet.

Extremely powerful intentions which are loaded with thought energy impact other people almost immediately, and long before the intention manifests.

Perhaps the nature of what’s happening here is that the energy you are putting out finds a resonant frequency in the individuals who may eventually be called upon by the universe to assist in the process of manifestation of whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

Certainly when you experience this you realize what a peculiar experience it actually is! (It leaves no room for doubt about the reality of things like telepathy or ESP, by the way.)

One theory is one thing, of course, and practicalities are another, and in the process of manifestation nothing is more important than energy as a practical tool.

Energy in practice

People have many different belief systems around energy, and the call it many different things such as chi or qi, prana, the life force, the Tao, morphogenesis feel is, psychic energy, and of course the name is irrelevant.

The concept is always the same, and the names are different. It’s not about belief system or philosophy – it’s about a practical system that you can actually use to manifest whatever you want in the world around you.

In the next post we will look at this in more detail.

Getting What You Want

One of the nice things about manifestation is the feeling of power and control that it can give you over what’s going on in your life.

You see, I think one of the things that’s most unfortunate about our modern society is the way that people find themselves so disempowered – we are all somehow “programmed” to believe that we don’t have much influence or control over the circumstances we live in as adults.

To some degree this is because we are brought up as children in a way that doesn’t encourage us to believe in our power and magnificence – nor does it encourage us to believe that we are free to do whatever we want, or to express ourselves however we like. (See this for more on magnificence!)

Video on magnificence

And of course, to some extent there is truth in this – for it would be a sorry society indeed if everybody was free to express themselves without restriction or boundaries of any kind!

Having said that, what I’m really referring to is the fact that most people have a far more limited view of what they’re capable of than the reality of their power and potential. In short, if given the opportunity, most people could properly express far more power and potential, and achieve far more in the world, than they ever do.

You may believe that’s true for you, in which case you might, over the years, have tried to find some way of achieving greater self-expression, control and power, or influence over your environment.

Indeed, in this regard, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you hadn’t read The Secret By Rhonda Byrne, which was a book published in 2006 or 2007, and I think perhaps also was published as a film, in which she purported to explain the secrets of manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

If You’ve Read The Secret, Manifestation May Still Be A Mystery!

For all the good intentions of The Secret, it didn’t reveal much about manifestation and how you can make it work for your own benefit.

You see, The Secret was long on personal experience and short on instruction – and the fact of the matter is that unless you have some clear guidance about how to use the techniques of manifestation, you’re probably not going to be able to make them work successfully.

A lot of authors have made a great deal of money by propagating the viewpoint that manifestation is one of the simplest and easiest things for everybody to master – giving us the power, it seems, to get whatever we want in life, be it prosperity, abundance, a great relationship, material goods of all kinds, a beautiful home by the sea… You name it, apparently you can have it.

Except of course it isn’t that simple – as you might well have experienced! Manifestation and the Law of Attraction are actually quite complicated concepts, and there a bit of a mystery to most of us, even after we’ve read hundreds of websites and read hundreds of books on the subject. Go here to check this out.

But there is some simple guidance, which is accurate, and is written by people who know what they’re talking about, who have lived the Law of Attraction and mastered the techniques, rather than just made money from them by taking advantage of people who are desperate for some kind of change in their life situation.

Happily, I can guide you to that very source of information – all you have to do is click here – and you’ll find all the information you need about manifestation and law of attraction, and how to master the processes and techniques which will actually allow you to bring different realities into being in your existence.

Now I’m not pretending for a minute that manifestation is an easy process to master, because that would be quite wrong of me.

I don’t fall into the same trap as all the other authors on this subject, of making it sound so simple that you can just sit down in a chair, visualize your goals, think about how joyous it would be if you had them, and then expect them to enter into your life a few days later. You need  help and guidance. But, happily, even in a small town like the one I live in, called Frome in Somerset, in England, you’ll be able to find experts on the subject of visualization who can guide you through some kind of self-development program.

And that’s good, because you have to actually set very clear objectives that are something intensely important to you before you start. That way you can summon up true and passionate desire for what you want.

And you have to have a very clear image of what you’re trying to achieve, and you have to have certainty and expectancy that your goals will manifest in your life, and – above all – you have to take some kind of action that will demonstrate both to you and to the universe that you are committed to change and personal development.

Now, one of the reasons people fail to get what they want is because they have limiting beliefs which inhibit them at a very fundamental level – that is to say, they don’t actually believe that what they’re trying to manifest is possible for them.

In general, these limitations are all about self-worth, and in particular, they are about low self-esteem – particularly when it comes to money, for that, in our society at least, tends to be one of the ways by which we measure our worth.

Although you may not be particularly well aware of the fact, most of us in society are not brought up in a way that leads to us having a strong self-image or a strong sense of self-worth.

That, I think, is one of the reasons why people like Donald Trump are so fascinating to us – we see in them the qualities that we hide, repress and deny in ourselves, and the things they do are the things which (perhaps) at some level we wish we could do.

And having said all of that, the interesting question comes up of how you might find a way of overcoming your inbuilt limitations – and make no mistake about it, these limitations are not a product of anything you’ve done, they are a product of your upbringing and of what other people taught you, and of what you’ve learnt about yourself as an adult.

It’s not easy to change these self-beliefs – in fact, it can be quite difficult, and you need effective techniques such as the power of your subconscious mind to bring about change in these fundamental beliefs which you hold about yourself.

But it is possible – by using powerful techniques that will reinforce your self-esteem, and give you a greater sense of self-awareness –  to overcome the limitations that your life experience has put on you, and to free yourself so that you can actually show at least some of your magnificence and worth to the world as an adult!

Manifestation and the Law of Attraction, of course, are two of the techniques by which you can do this – but I’ve always believed that processes which enhance the operation of the mind need to be backed up by processes which enhance the operation of the body…..  in other words, you need “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. That’s the ideal route to success and achievement on all fronts.

I guess I’m sounding like talking in clichés, but what I suggest you do if you want to test out the truth of this for yourself is to engage in some kind of class which will tone up your body – maybe an exercise class like Pilates, or something that involves stretching and body movements such as yoga. If you’re interested in yoga in Frome, then you could have a look at this website. If you’re interested in yoga in your own town, then you might want to look at a local directory on the Internet, by typing something like “yoga {name of town where you live}” into a search engine.

That way you’re almost certain to find something that can help you develop your body, at the same time as you’re practicing self hypnosis or visualization to improve your financial, emotional, practical or relationship situation.

Video – Yoga In Frome

Energy and Content in Manifestation

So we’ve established that there is a difference between content and energy in every thought process, and I hope by now you’re understanding of your ability to direct the flow of any energy of which you have control has increased.

And of course that includes universal energy – though why we have been gifted with the ability to control universal energy is an open question. Let’s just accept that we can control it…..

Manifestation is open to you because of this!

Of course you need to dedicate yourself to some level of practice and perseverance before you can use energy effectively in manifestation with the law of attraction, but just think of what possibilities open up to you when you have control over energy flow.

Manifesting wealth, happiness, relationships, success of all kinds… the possibilities really are endless.

And having said that, experts on manifestation will tell you that very few people can manifest successfully on a consistent basis, or reliably, more or less all the time.

Manifest with positive thinking

Test the power of positive thinking

It seems to me that one of the reasons for that is the fact that most people do not actually have much control over energy flow.

Building a strong emotional state, and experiencing that emotional state, and being able to direct the energy associated with that emotional state, are critical to the process of successful manifestation.

There is no question that people who are starting out on the path of manifesting their reality will consistently build content but fail to build energy – either because they can’t do so or because they don’t understand the need to do so. (In reality it’s probably because they don’t actually understand the need to energize the content of their thoughts.)

Changing the content over and over again (as many do) because it’s not manifesting is the wrong approach: by now it should be obvious that what you need to do is add in passion, emotional energy and excitement.

So this could be a question of how emotional you are as an individual, or it could be a question of how much skill you have in actually producing a flow of emotional energy to drive manifestation.

In either case, practice and development of your skills will pay dividends, although the majority of people, I regret to say, opt out of this belief system – the most fundamental excuse being “The law of attraction doesn’t work – it’s all a hoax”. This simply isn’t the case.

Blaming the law of attraction because you can’t manage the energy flow or the creation of clear content is like blaming the microphone when you can’t sing in tune.

Energy and content

But there is a fundamental principle which we will note in passing: and that is that when you fail to work at the techniques necessary for successful manifestation you might well be accused, perhaps quite rightly, of being one of the “get something for nothing” brigade. There is never something for nothing….

attraction-1 (11)So the final aspect of this is around polarity. What does polarity mean in this context?

Well, according to Steve Pavlina, polarity represents the way the energy flows: either from you to the universe, or from the universe to you.

This isn’t of course physical energy; it’s emotional or spiritual energy – you can call it what you like, but by now hopefully you’ve grasped the fact that it is the flow of energy which controls manifestation, and therefore it’s well worthwhile paying attention to the concept of polarity.


Test the power of positive thinking


One way – outward – is the direction of creation and giving, while an inward flow of energy from the universe to you is all about acquisition and receiving.

These two energies are very different in kind yet, oddly enough, you can take the same content and actually apply either energetic direction flow to the same content in the process of manifestation.

In general, creative energy – coming up with an idea, thinking about the possibility of interacting with people, producing something, that kind of thing –  will actually be an outflow of energy from you to the universe – or Giving.

Acquiring is about having energy flow from the Universe to you.

To put it another way, a high level of polarity, that is to say a high level of energetic difference between you and the universe is necessary for a strong energy flow, and it is a strong energy flow that can drive the process of manifestation. In either direction!

According to Steve’s theory, if you use the polarity of creation and giving – which is an outflow of energy from you to the universe, you’ll experience emotions such as joy, love, gratitude, inspiration and so on.

If you used the polarity of energetic flow from universe to you, then you experience emotions such as greed, lust and power.

Now either of these emotional polarities can be associated with manifestation, because they’re both very powerful; and if you don’t feel any flow of energy or in any emotion when you’re focusing on your intentions, that is because you’re associating them with energy of both polarities (that is to say energy that flows both from you to the universe and from universe to you and so cancels each other out).

To sum this up, what Steve is saying is this: manifestation is absolutely much more powerful when you are focused on either an intense flow of creative expression outwards, or an intense flow of acquisition energy in words – giving, and receiving respectively.

In simple terms, you are saying to the universe either “I want to give” or “I want to get” extraordinarily powerfully. When you do so you feel an intense emotional surge as a natural consequence of using polarised energy in the correct way.

As we have previously observed, it is emotional energy which is absolutely responsible for influencing the manifestation of events in the physical world.

What we previously believed to have happened is that energy flows outwards from somebody with an intense desire and impacts the universal ether or cosmic energy, before something physically manifests in the world from that ether.

The manifestation is affected because your intense emotional energy can assert itself around the universal formation of physical reality, and bring about a series of entirely different events than would otherwise happen.

Now this may seem a little bit off the wall, or a little bit hard to understand, but it’s well worth opening your mind possibility that actually thought energy alone is sufficient to actually change the form in which physical reality appears in your world.

That is, when all is said and done the basis manifestation, and it’s actually the process by which you amongst many other people can influence what happens to you; now I suppose my question to you at this stage is do you want to be one of the people who takes part in everybody else’s manifestations or do you want to be the person who controls the manifestation of reality around yourself?

Make no mistake about it; it is that simple. You can either be somebody who creates reality, or you can be somebody who is part of everyone else’s reality. The choice is always yours.

A Success Technique for Manifestation

Many people have asked me how they can speed up manifestation, and see whether or not it is going to work for them.

One of the best ways is to try the 30 day trial.

Steve Pavlina, who is one of the most successful people in this field, suggests that it is a great way to develop new habits. Not only that, but it’s extremely simple.

He talks about this 30 day trial process in terms of something like starting a new habit such as an exercise program. And certainly we all know, from our own experience, that sticking with a habit in the early days is the most difficult part of all.

There’s something about the way the brain operates which requires us to use a certain routine over and over again for a certain period of time – which perhaps is 30 days – before it’s embedded as a new behavior pattern.

But equally, you can do a lot to help yourself fix a new behavior pattern in your brain by thinking about it as exactly that: a new behavior pattern.

The refinement that Steve makes in the process is to suggest that you think about this as something you’re only going to do for 30 days before you are free to go back to your old habits.

He maintains that this takes the pressure off, and requires far less commitment than making some kind of permanent change.

One of the reasons that we find it difficult to make changes for our own good is that they require us to give something up.

After all, we are only doing what we are doing because there is a payoff.

In other words, you might, for example, want to go to the gym, but fail to do so because it’s actually easier to sit on the couch and stuff your face with potato chips (as indeed it is).

Committing to something new – like going to the gym – for 30 days is a lot easier than committing to do it permanently.

So the next stage of course is to complete the 30 day trial successfully – and, of course, that does require a certain level of commitment and individual enterprise, but as stated above, is much easier than trying to do it permanently.

There are several things that can happen in the 30 day period: first of all, you might break the addiction of your old habit, and based on the fact that you’ve done something successfully for 30 days, you may feel a greater level of confidence that it’s possible to continue doing that thing indefinitely.

More to the point, perhaps, is the fact that you actually then have 30 days’ successful experience in doing whatever it is that you’ve been doing – so you can actually assess the benefits of it.

That in itself is an extremely powerful feedback tool which should help you change your behavior more permanently.

It follows on from this, of course, that you’re actually able to test something for a period of time without committing to it permanently, which can sometimes be helpful in aiding you to decide whether or not that’s actually a good idea.

It’s an interesting idea, and Steve gives a number of examples of how he used this to manifest change in his own life, which are well worth reading: specifically, he used it to change dietary habits, and exercise habits, which of course will have a massive impact on your health, fitness and possibly even longevity.

But we are concerned with developing habits which can aid the process of manifestation, such as visualizing and meditating every day, which I freely admit for some reason can be some of the most difficult habits to acquire, and some of the ones to which people are most resistant.

It’s actually very perverse but fairly typical, sadly, of the human mind, that it should resist doing the things which actually have the greatest long-term benefits for you as an individual.

Anyway, one of the points that is important to note in a 30 day trial of new habits is that this method only seems to work for daily habits.

It does not actually seem to have much power to change a behavior that occurs only three or four times a week.

So whether or not you’re actually trying to change something that you do every day you don’t do every day, the best way to start is to actually apply the technique daily for 30 days and then to cut back to the rate at which you actually wish to embed your new behavior pattern.

It seems that for some reason, daily habits are much more easy to establish than intermittent ones – and I’m sure there is a psychological reason for that, but I’m not particularly interested in exploring what it is here.

Some suggestions that Steve makes for improving quality of your life by changing your behavior on a daily basis are as follows:

Give up television. He makes the interesting and amusing suggestion of taping all your favourite shows and saving them until you’ve actually reached the 30 day mark. I know exactly what he means – try it, because you might find the results enlightening as well.

Then he suggests that you give up online forums – particularly if you feel you’re addicted in some way. After 30 days, you can clearly see how participating in these forums affects you, and whether or not that is actually helping you in any way.

Another interesting suggestion: meet someone new every day. That’s a rather nice suggestion, because it involves starting a conversation with a stranger.

And there’s another interesting suggestion in his idea that you go out every evening for a month – doing something different, or going somewhere different. That can lead to great fun.

Anyway, as far as manifestation is concerned, my recommendation is that you try meditating twice a day for 10 minutes a time on whatever objective you have in your life that you wish to manifest.

Alternatively, you could spend 10 minutes putting together the content and focusing on the content of your desires, and another 10 minutes focusing on getting energy into those intentions in the way that I’ve described in a number of the other blog posts on this (excellent) blog about manifestation and the law of attraction.

Finally, I’d like to remind you of a few fundamental facts about manifestation

First and foremost, manifestation depends on the amount of energy that you put into your intention. You are not going to achieve anything in terms of conscious creation with the help of the universe unless you are actually very clear about your intention, and you then provide it with lots of energy.

This energy is the energy which will impact the universe as it manifests physical reality out of the cosmic ether.

And you are the source of this energy, and for your manifestations to be successful you need to find a way in which you can manifest energy into the world – generally, the easiest way of doing this is by using your emotions.

What this means in practical terms is that you need to find something about which you are absolutely passionate before you start manifesting and you then experience great joy or pleasure or happiness whilst you are in the visualization required to manifest your reality.


Can You Manifest Successfully?

Why Manifestation Fails

Furthermore, the more energy that you put into manifesting your intentions, the more quickly they will come because the energy somehow continues to propel manifestation forces “behind the scenes”.

What that means is even more impressive: if you are sufficiently skilled and confident and committed to an intention, you can actually set it running, as it were, by spending a few weeks focusing on it for several minutes a day, then move your attention onto something else – and your intention will still manifest in due course.

Some of the greatest experts on manifestation suggest that you hold your intentions at least twice a day, and again in those periods of the day where you actually have nothing to do, and “you have spare time”.

Spare time is wasted if you’re not doing something with it to mentally focus your thoughts on what you wish to manifest in the physical reality of your world.

Check out the 30 day trial method to see how it’s possible to manifest things over a period of time.

The second reason why people seem to fail in manifesting reality

They do not put any energy into intention.

Now it must be pretty obvious to everyone reading this that for successful manifestation there is a requirement of intense energy (I explained why in another post on this blog).

Even on a practical and simplistic level it stands to reason that if you’re not actually interested enough in achieving something to put any passion or energy into it, you’re going to be effectively trying to turn on an electrical appliance when there is no current behind it.

As a beginner, you need to focus on holding an intention that creates joy, because joy is a very powerful experience, and a great adjunct to the process motivational intention formation.

(And I think it’s also fair to say at this juncture that joy is one of the most difficult emotions for people to experience, because we live in such a negative world. Let me offer you some advice from Anthony Robbins at this point: if you focus on negativity, despair, disaster, catastrophe and the negative news that pours forth from every news outlet 24 rows a day, you are going to suffer. Now, why would you want to suffer? Stop watching the news, stop reading the newspapers, and focus on the world you can impact successfully – which is to say, the world around you in the here and now, the world that you can impact, the world over which you have control of conscious creation.)

The third reason why people fail in manifesting their intentions is because their intentions are not clear.

Again, it stands to reason that non-specific, fuzzy intentions don’t actually have much power – they’re too broad, they’re too imprecise, they’re too widespread, for either you to put enough energy in to make them manifest, or for the universe to know exactly what it is that you’re trying to achieve.

The fourth reason why people fail in manifesting their desires is because they cancel their intention.

Now what does this mean? Every thought is some kind of intention. They may not be intentions that you want to manifest, or they may be intentions that you want to manifest, but certainly the quality of your thinking represents something about the world that you are going to be creating around you.

When you try and introduce some very positive energy into a world that is perhaps essentially negative – and make no mistake about it, here I mean the world within your mind – you may find that it’s actually all too easy to inadvertently cancel a positive intention by thinking negatively.

The most superficial example of this would be the way in which people try and manifest a positive state of mind by saying things like “I am not going to be depressed any more”.

You may be able to see immediately the flaw in this reasoning: this statement actually focuses on what is not wanted. Even though it’s a negative statement its subject is still depression.

Try changing such thoughts into something much more positive such as: “I am feeling happier and happier every day that passes”. Even if this is difficult to believe at first, there’s something compelling about it.

If you have the motivation and the intention to change your mental attitude, then sticking to an intention like this for at least 30 days is absolutely vital. And you will appreciate, I’m quite sure, that that in itself is a measure of how much you actually want to make that change.

A good analogy of this is driving a car. You look out of the front window to see where you’re going. Obviously. But, think of it this way: if you look into the rear-view mirror as you’re driving, you’re focusing entirely on your past, and your future is gonna be some kind of crash.

Someone once asked me when I used this analogy in a talk that I was giving, “Surely you have to pay attention to where you are currently?” Well yes you do, but I’d argue that you don’t need to pay more attention to the present than simply to identify the things within it you actually want to change, and, perhaps more importantly, to express gratitude for the things that you have which are of great value to you.

The fifth reason why people fail to manifest anything is that their intention conflicts with their beliefs.

Regrettably, we are onto the sensitive area here; that’s to say, the sensitive area of motivation, ethics and morals.

If you try to hold an intention that conflicts with what you actually believe to be true, the intention is going to have no power.

So if you believe that your destiny is to live in poverty – and make no mistake about it, such beliefs are not expressed consciously, they are expressed subconsciously and manifest in the world that you create around yourself – then forming an intention to be a millionaire is probably not actually going to work very well.

This is a problem that has cropped up in goalsetting for generations: some experts will tell you to set massively ambitious and optimistic goals and go for them.

Others will tell you to set goals that are just beyond the place where you are now, because that is much more achievable.

The reality is much more subtle than either of these two extremes: anything can manifest for you provided that you believe it is possible.

Being a millionaire is actually really quite easy these days – but unless you believe that it’s possible for you, there’s no point forming an intention to manifest a million dollars in your life.

It’s almost certain that you are going to have to work on some limiting beliefs before you can form intentions that are uninhibited by your own sense of your own limitations.

Why the law of attraction fails

Making Manifestation Work

Expecting manifestation to occur without some energetic input is a faint hope.

You can’t manifest anything unless you’re actually causing an energetic ripple in the time-space continuum. That’s no mythology either: the universe responds to energetic input because it disrupts the processes that are in train in forming the physical world.

This is certainly a metaphysical concept but it’s not too hard to grasp.

Think of the physical reality of our world emerging from the spiritual potential world of the universal cosmic energy.

At any point when you direct your energy into the universal cosmic energy, you can affect the form in which things manifest out of that energy into physical reality.

It stands to reason, that the more effort and energy you put in to the process of manifestation, the more ability you will have to actually affect the process of physical formation in the world around you.

But please don’t get hung up on the terms that we using here, because it’s the concept that is important.

On a very superficial level it’s very clear indeed that simple thought processes alone will not actually manifest a change in the physical reality around you. I mean, if that were the case, every single thought that you put out into the universe would have a massive impact in terms of the things that you see and feel around you, and that clearly doesn’t happen.

It’s only when you put massive amounts of energy – that is to say, massive amounts of energy in universal terms – into the process manifestation, you can expect to achieve any degree of impact on the appearance of physical reality.

Now a lot of people when they find manifestation doesn’t work, they start fiddling around with the content of their intention, because they believe that is what’s going wrong – that they haven’t quite set their desires out in the right way. But that’s simply not the case.  It’s the lack of energy that is causing their intentions to fail to manifest.

So a very common example of how this plays out in real life is when children want something: they are what has been termed “high-energy manifesters”! They actually persist in trying to get something until they drive their parents crazy, and they very often succeed in manifesting what it is they want to achieve. It’s the level of energy that they put into their intention which causes the success!

So if you can put a similar level of energy into your manifestations you can find that they appear much more quickly. So consider for a moment whether you talk about your intentions in a lukewarm, weak, kind-of-indifferent and perhaps rather pathetic way, or whether you talk about them with passion and excitement as though they were the most important thing in your life.

Video – Manifesting Reality by Caroline Myss

Well, perhaps at this point you’re actually asking a question which is very relevant: which is, how on earth do you generate the energy that is necessary for manifestation to occur?

The first and foremost example of this is emotional energy. You see, regardless of whether emotions are the product of intense energy or the cause of intense energy, they certainly are an indicator of the level of energy that is floating around your intention. Let me be more specific.

When you feel very excited or passionate, happy, and joyous, and you can feel that that energy is infusing every fiber of your being, then you will know that you actually have a high level of energy around your intention.

Note that when you get the energy flowing, it has the power to do anything – it’s just energy – just like electricity will power any device in your home, that energy can serve to infuse any intention for manifestation, whether it is building a business, or manifesting large amounts of money.

Or getting a relationship you really want… Or indeed, anything else.

Now using strong emotions to drive manifestation is one of the easiest ways to actually get manifestation working.

What interests me is that I generally hear people talking about joy and happiness and gratitude – which are certainly very juicy emotions, and can certainly drive manifestation very effectively, but I comparatively rarely hear people talking about things like anger.

For me, anger is one of the most powerful ways of putting energy into an intention, particularly around money issues, where a lot of people feel angry anyway.

One of the questions that people often ask me is why their intentions are so challenging to manifest.

Of course one of the reasons we’ve already discussed above – that is to say a lack of energy associated with the intention.

But there are plenty of other reasons why co-creation (that is to say, co-creation in harmony with the universal laws of attraction) can fail to work successfully. If you hold an intention to create something new in your life, whether that be a new job, or a new relationship, or improvements in your health, you may find that nothing happens at all.

And then suddenly, without warning, synchronicities and coincidences will occur so that circumstances change for you in a way that makes your intention not only possible but actually probable and then indeed a reality in the physical world.

But why would this happen sometimes and not others?

It’s a very good question, and there are several reasons in addition to the one given above – to remind you, that is about the lack of energy associated with your intention – which can be the cause of this problem; let’s look at them one by one.

First of all, you fail to hold intention correctly

So what this means in practice is that when you put energy into some intention with the objective of manifesting it, you’re expecting it to go out into the universe, and impact the energetic formation of matter and circumstances in the world around you.

Of course the universe has to receive these thoughts and intentions, and then it has to have enough energy to process them in a way that will cause your desires to manifest. The more thought and indeed effort that you put into the process of intentional manifestation, the more likely it is to manifest as some physical reality in your world.

So failing to hold an intention basically is actually another way of saying that you’re not putting enough energy behind it, perhaps because you’re allowing yourself to be distracted by things that crop up in the moment and appear to be more urgent or more important in that moment.

Yet holding an intention is a demonstration of how much you wish it to come into your life; if you’re not spending enough time processing it, then the logical conclusion is that the desire you hold for that objective to manifest is actually rather limited and perhaps even weak.

Lack of persistence is the number one destroyer of good intentions.

While physical reality around you is actually the product of manifestation from the ethereal spirit world of cosmic energy, it takes a lot more energy to manifest things than you might imagine.

Whether that energy is just about starting a process, or continuing to power it as it proceeds is not entirely clear to students of manifestation like me, but it doesn’t actually matter: what we can say with great clarity and certainty is that the more energy put into an intention to manifest something, the more quickly and more easily will manifest in the world around you.

So one way that this actually affects the process in practical terms is this: you might, let’s say, hold an intention to manifest something as long as a week with nothing showing up – and then suddenly the floodgates open, and coincidences begin to pour into your life in a way that is not only astounding but sometimes even bewildering.

Let’s see how this works in the next post.


Law of Attraction

You may be wondering why your best efforts to use the law of attraction haven’t actually succeeded.
Of course this is a problem that many people experience when they start trying to use the process of manifestation.

You see, although many of the books that have been written about manifestation over the past few years are good examples of the kind of successes that you can achieve when you use manifestation correctly, I generally find they’re a little bit light on “process”.

In other words, the actual techniques that you need to use to employ manifestation and co-creation successfully in your life are generally not explained very well.

(Perhaps at this point I should just say that co-creation is simply another term for manifestation using the power of the law of attraction, except that this particular term recognizes explicitly the involvement of the universal energy that is required for successful manifestation on your part.)

In other words you’re not doing anything alone: you can only manifest successfully with the help of universal laws – in particular, the universal Law of Attraction.

Anyway, to go back to the point I was making earlier about why people fail to use the law of attraction successfully: think about any act of manifestation, in particular about its structure. You can read more about manifestation here – – a very helpful resource.

Successful manifestation

There are two components to any manifestation: your intention, in other words, what exactly it is that you wish to manifest, and the energy that you bring to that intention to help it manifest in your world.

Now people talk about what they want in various ways – but what I usually detect in people who fail to manifest successfully is a lack of passion or energy.

In all cases where manifestation has been successful, I’ve noticed that people are absolutely passionate about what they’re doing. That passion can come from a firm desire or clear purpose – perhaps doing something that improves the world in the eyes of the person manifesting reality.

A very good example of this might be the famous case of the British Airways stewardess who founded a home for orphans in Asia. Of course if your motivation is to make the world a better place, then you do tend be passionate about it since it’s driven by a sense of soul purpose.

When people talk about soul purpose, they generally have enough energy to manifest their dream successfully.

But I think for many of the people who pick up books like The Secret, and then expect to be able to sit back and manifest things by meditating for about five minutes a day while they picture their objective are sadly mistaken. In some cases they may even have a fervent desire for what they’re trying to achieve – but the energy, the passion, is just lacking.

Why energy is so important in the process of manifestation has puzzled people for many years. After all, the process of manifestation has just been described in simple terms in books like The Secret, so simple in fact that the essence of how your wishes interact with the universe’s ability to manifest something has never really been explicitly made clear.

Video – Manifesting successfully

Yet in reality, manifestation isn’t actually a very simple process.

Suppose for example that you want an extra $10,000. Assuming that you have some kind passionate desire for this, and that your motivation is sufficiently intense view to really have a clear view of why you want it, how are you going to hold onto it when you get it? What circumstances could actually give you that extra $10,000?

Well, whether you can see it or not, there are plenty of ways in which the $10,000 can come to you. It’s probably no exaggeration to say there are hundreds of ways in which that money could actually come to you – and it’s pretty important to understand this clearly!

The universe can manifest anything. The size of the objective that you hold has no relationship to the difficulty of the universe manifesting it…. In fact, the manifestation process itself has infinite possibilities, and it’s a misconception to think that some things are more difficult for the universe to produce than others.

Indeed, the only restriction on what manifests in your life is your ability to believe whether or not something can manifest for you.

Belief and manifestation

Let’s say that you are trying to manifest million dollars, as a lot of people have told me they were doing over the years. The fundamental question here is “Do you actually believe that you can get $1m dollars?”

It stands to reason with even a moment’s thought that there are plenty of ways in which this could potentially happen – from the simple, like a lottery win, to the unexpected and apparently “improbable” like an inheritance from an unknown relative.

But leaving that aside, consider for a moment how intense, how firm, how absolute your belief about the possibility of you getting million dollars is. If you feel any doubt whatsoever when you think about this, then you need to start manifesting with a much lower sum. You see, if there is an overt lack of belief, it kills the manifestation process stone dead.

And it may even be that you need to start manifesting things by going as far back as your belief system will accommodate – perhaps $10 is where you need to start.

My point is this: that when you start manifesting money, you really need to find a level of expectation that you can believe in wholeheartedly.

Now, as I said before, I’ve often heard people say that they’ve applied the law of attraction correctly, and they still can’t manifest what they intended.

But in fact what’s interesting about this is that people tend to continue using the same techniques that they start with – even when they have plenty of evidence that those techniques are not actually working.

And equally, plenty of people give up almost immediately within days if they find that they don’t manifest what they want. Then they conclude that law of attraction is bogus. Now that’s actually very unfortunate, because the law of attraction is an open passport to wherever you wish to go.

So what’s the problem that inhibits people from achieving success?

It’s basically that content alone actually is not enough to make something manifest. People mistake the content of their intention for the complete process of manifestation, and think they have nothing more to do after deciding what they want.

But the truth is that manifestation will only occur when it’s backed up by huge amounts of energy.

One parallel that’s been made with this is accessing the content on the Internet, of which there is an almost infinite amount, growing exponentially every day, but you certainly can’t access it without some kind of energetic transformation – the electricity in your home powering your computer being the most obvious example of this.