A Success Technique for Manifestation

Many people have asked me how they can speed up manifestation, and see whether or not it is going to work for them.

One of the best ways is to try the 30 day trial.

Steve Pavlina, who is one of the most successful people in this field, suggests that it is a great way to develop new habits. Not only that, but it’s extremely simple.

He talks about this 30 day trial process in terms of something like starting a new habit such as an exercise program. And certainly we all know, from our own experience, that sticking with a habit in the early days is the most difficult part of all.

There’s something about the way the brain operates which requires us to use a certain routine over and over again for a certain period of time – which perhaps is 30 days – before it’s embedded as a new behavior pattern.

But equally, you can do a lot to help yourself fix a new behavior pattern in your brain by thinking about it as exactly that: a new behavior pattern.

The refinement that Steve makes in the process is to suggest that you think about this as something you’re only going to do for 30 days before you are free to go back to your old habits.

He maintains that this takes the pressure off, and requires far less commitment than making some kind of permanent change.

One of the reasons that we find it difficult to make changes for our own good is that they require us to give something up.

After all, we are only doing what we are doing because there is a payoff.

In other words, you might, for example, want to go to the gym, but fail to do so because it’s actually easier to sit on the couch and stuff your face with potato chips (as indeed it is).

Committing to something new – like going to the gym – for 30 days is a lot easier than committing to do it permanently.

So the next stage of course is to complete the 30 day trial successfully – and, of course, that does require a certain level of commitment and individual enterprise, but as stated above, is much easier than trying to do it permanently.

There are several things that can happen in the 30 day period: first of all, you might break the addiction of your old habit, and based on the fact that you’ve done something successfully for 30 days, you may feel a greater level of confidence that it’s possible to continue doing that thing indefinitely.

More to the point, perhaps, is the fact that you actually then have 30 days’ successful experience in doing whatever it is that you’ve been doing – so you can actually assess the benefits of it.

That in itself is an extremely powerful feedback tool which should help you change your behavior more permanently.

It follows on from this, of course, that you’re actually able to test something for a period of time without committing to it permanently, which can sometimes be helpful in aiding you to decide whether or not that’s actually a good idea.

It’s an interesting idea, and Steve gives a number of examples of how he used this to manifest change in his own life, which are well worth reading: specifically, he used it to change dietary habits, and exercise habits, which of course will have a massive impact on your health, fitness and possibly even longevity.

But we are concerned with developing habits which can aid the process of manifestation, such as visualizing and meditating every day, which I freely admit for some reason can be some of the most difficult habits to acquire, and some of the ones to which people are most resistant.

It’s actually very perverse but fairly typical, sadly, of the human mind, that it should resist doing the things which actually have the greatest long-term benefits for you as an individual.

Anyway, one of the points that is important to note in a 30 day trial of new habits is that this method only seems to work for daily habits.

It does not actually seem to have much power to change a behavior that occurs only three or four times a week.

So whether or not you’re actually trying to change something that you do every day you don’t do every day, the best way to start is to actually apply the technique daily for 30 days and then to cut back to the rate at which you actually wish to embed your new behavior pattern.

It seems that for some reason, daily habits are much more easy to establish than intermittent ones – and I’m sure there is a psychological reason for that, but I’m not particularly interested in exploring what it is here.

Some suggestions that Steve makes for improving quality of your life by changing your behavior on a daily basis are as follows:

Give up television. He makes the interesting and amusing suggestion of taping all your favourite shows and saving them until you’ve actually reached the 30 day mark. I know exactly what he means – try it, because you might find the results enlightening as well.

Then he suggests that you give up online forums – particularly if you feel you’re addicted in some way. After 30 days, you can clearly see how participating in these forums affects you, and whether or not that is actually helping you in any way.

Another interesting suggestion: meet someone new every day. That’s a rather nice suggestion, because it involves starting a conversation with a stranger.

And there’s another interesting suggestion in his idea that you go out every evening for a month – doing something different, or going somewhere different. That can lead to great fun.

Anyway, as far as manifestation is concerned, my recommendation is that you try meditating twice a day for 10 minutes a time on whatever objective you have in your life that you wish to manifest.

Alternatively, you could spend 10 minutes putting together the content and focusing on the content of your desires, and another 10 minutes focusing on getting energy into those intentions in the way that I’ve described in a number of the other blog posts on this (excellent) blog about manifestation and the law of attraction.

Finally, I’d like to remind you of a few fundamental facts about manifestation

First and foremost, manifestation depends on the amount of energy that you put into your intention. You are not going to achieve anything in terms of conscious creation with the help of the universe unless you are actually very clear about your intention, and you then provide it with lots of energy.

This energy is the energy which will impact the universe as it manifests physical reality out of the cosmic ether.

And you are the source of this energy, and for your manifestations to be successful you need to find a way in which you can manifest energy into the world – generally, the easiest way of doing this is by using your emotions.

What this means in practical terms is that you need to find something about which you are absolutely passionate before you start manifesting and you then experience great joy or pleasure or happiness whilst you are in the visualization required to manifest your reality.