Energy and Content in Manifestation

So we’ve established that there is a difference between content and energy in every thought process, and I hope by now you’re understanding of your ability to direct the flow of any energy of which you have control has increased.

And of course that includes universal energy – though why we have been gifted with the ability to control universal energy is an open question. Let’s just accept that we can control it…..

Manifestation is open to you because of this!

Of course you need to dedicate yourself to some level of practice and perseverance before you can use energy effectively in manifestation with the law of attraction, but just think of what possibilities open up to you when you have control over energy flow.

Manifesting wealth, happiness, relationships, success of all kinds… the possibilities really are endless.

And having said that, experts on manifestation will tell you that very few people can manifest successfully on a consistent basis, or reliably, more or less all the time.

Manifest with positive thinking

Test the power of positive thinking

It seems to me that one of the reasons for that is the fact that most people do not actually have much control over energy flow.

Building a strong emotional state, and experiencing that emotional state, and being able to direct the energy associated with that emotional state, are critical to the process of successful manifestation.

There is no question that people who are starting out on the path of manifesting their reality will consistently build content but fail to build energy – either because they can’t do so or because they don’t understand the need to do so. (In reality it’s probably because they don’t actually understand the need to energize the content of their thoughts.)

Changing the content over and over again (as many do) because it’s not manifesting is the wrong approach: by now it should be obvious that what you need to do is add in passion, emotional energy and excitement.

So this could be a question of how emotional you are as an individual, or it could be a question of how much skill you have in actually producing a flow of emotional energy to drive manifestation.

In either case, practice and development of your skills will pay dividends, although the majority of people, I regret to say, opt out of this belief system – the most fundamental excuse being “The law of attraction doesn’t work – it’s all a hoax”. This simply isn’t the case.

Blaming the law of attraction because you can’t manage the energy flow or the creation of clear content is like blaming the microphone when you can’t sing in tune.

Energy and content

But there is a fundamental principle which we will note in passing: and that is that when you fail to work at the techniques necessary for successful manifestation you might well be accused, perhaps quite rightly, of being one of the “get something for nothing” brigade. There is never something for nothing….

attraction-1 (11)So the final aspect of this is around polarity. What does polarity mean in this context?

Well, according to Steve Pavlina, polarity represents the way the energy flows: either from you to the universe, or from the universe to you.

This isn’t of course physical energy; it’s emotional or spiritual energy – you can call it what you like, but by now hopefully you’ve grasped the fact that it is the flow of energy which controls manifestation, and therefore it’s well worthwhile paying attention to the concept of polarity.


Test the power of positive thinking


One way – outward – is the direction of creation and giving, while an inward flow of energy from the universe to you is all about acquisition and receiving.

These two energies are very different in kind yet, oddly enough, you can take the same content and actually apply either energetic direction flow to the same content in the process of manifestation.

In general, creative energy – coming up with an idea, thinking about the possibility of interacting with people, producing something, that kind of thing –  will actually be an outflow of energy from you to the universe – or Giving.

Acquiring is about having energy flow from the Universe to you.

To put it another way, a high level of polarity, that is to say a high level of energetic difference between you and the universe is necessary for a strong energy flow, and it is a strong energy flow that can drive the process of manifestation. In either direction!

According to Steve’s theory, if you use the polarity of creation and giving – which is an outflow of energy from you to the universe, you’ll experience emotions such as joy, love, gratitude, inspiration and so on.

If you used the polarity of energetic flow from universe to you, then you experience emotions such as greed, lust and power.

Now either of these emotional polarities can be associated with manifestation, because they’re both very powerful; and if you don’t feel any flow of energy or in any emotion when you’re focusing on your intentions, that is because you’re associating them with energy of both polarities (that is to say energy that flows both from you to the universe and from universe to you and so cancels each other out).

To sum this up, what Steve is saying is this: manifestation is absolutely much more powerful when you are focused on either an intense flow of creative expression outwards, or an intense flow of acquisition energy in words – giving, and receiving respectively.

In simple terms, you are saying to the universe either “I want to give” or “I want to get” extraordinarily powerfully. When you do so you feel an intense emotional surge as a natural consequence of using polarised energy in the correct way.

As we have previously observed, it is emotional energy which is absolutely responsible for influencing the manifestation of events in the physical world.

What we previously believed to have happened is that energy flows outwards from somebody with an intense desire and impacts the universal ether or cosmic energy, before something physically manifests in the world from that ether.

The manifestation is affected because your intense emotional energy can assert itself around the universal formation of physical reality, and bring about a series of entirely different events than would otherwise happen.

Now this may seem a little bit off the wall, or a little bit hard to understand, but it’s well worth opening your mind possibility that actually thought energy alone is sufficient to actually change the form in which physical reality appears in your world.

That is, when all is said and done the basis manifestation, and it’s actually the process by which you amongst many other people can influence what happens to you; now I suppose my question to you at this stage is do you want to be one of the people who takes part in everybody else’s manifestations or do you want to be the person who controls the manifestation of reality around yourself?

Make no mistake about it; it is that simple. You can either be somebody who creates reality, or you can be somebody who is part of everyone else’s reality. The choice is always yours.