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You may be wondering why your best efforts to use the law of attraction haven’t actually succeeded.
Of course this is a problem that many people experience when they start trying to use the process of manifestation.

You see, although many of the books that have been written about manifestation over the past few years are good examples of the kind of successes that you can achieve when you use manifestation correctly, I generally find they’re a little bit light on “process”.

In other words, the actual techniques that you need to use to employ manifestation and co-creation successfully in your life are generally not explained very well.

(Perhaps at this point I should just say that co-creation is simply another term for manifestation using the power of the law of attraction, except that this particular term recognizes explicitly the involvement of the universal energy that is required for successful manifestation on your part.)

In other words you’re not doing anything alone: you can only manifest successfully with the help of universal laws – in particular, the universal Law of Attraction.

Anyway, to go back to the point I was making earlier about why people fail to use the law of attraction successfully: think about any act of manifestation, in particular about its structure. You can read more about manifestation here – – a very helpful resource.

Successful manifestation

There are two components to any manifestation: your intention, in other words, what exactly it is that you wish to manifest, and the energy that you bring to that intention to help it manifest in your world.

Now people talk about what they want in various ways – but what I usually detect in people who fail to manifest successfully is a lack of passion or energy.

In all cases where manifestation has been successful, I’ve noticed that people are absolutely passionate about what they’re doing. That passion can come from a firm desire or clear purpose – perhaps doing something that improves the world in the eyes of the person manifesting reality.

A very good example of this might be the famous case of the British Airways stewardess who founded a home for orphans in Asia. Of course if your motivation is to make the world a better place, then you do tend be passionate about it since it’s driven by a sense of soul purpose.

When people talk about soul purpose, they generally have enough energy to manifest their dream successfully.

But I think for many of the people who pick up books like The Secret, and then expect to be able to sit back and manifest things by meditating for about five minutes a day while they picture their objective are sadly mistaken. In some cases they may even have a fervent desire for what they’re trying to achieve – but the energy, the passion, is just lacking.

Why energy is so important in the process of manifestation has puzzled people for many years. After all, the process of manifestation has just been described in simple terms in books like The Secret, so simple in fact that the essence of how your wishes interact with the universe’s ability to manifest something has never really been explicitly made clear.

Video – Manifesting successfully

Yet in reality, manifestation isn’t actually a very simple process.

Suppose for example that you want an extra $10,000. Assuming that you have some kind passionate desire for this, and that your motivation is sufficiently intense view to really have a clear view of why you want it, how are you going to hold onto it when you get it? What circumstances could actually give you that extra $10,000?

Well, whether you can see it or not, there are plenty of ways in which the $10,000 can come to you. It’s probably no exaggeration to say there are hundreds of ways in which that money could actually come to you – and it’s pretty important to understand this clearly!

The universe can manifest anything. The size of the objective that you hold has no relationship to the difficulty of the universe manifesting it…. In fact, the manifestation process itself has infinite possibilities, and it’s a misconception to think that some things are more difficult for the universe to produce than others.

Indeed, the only restriction on what manifests in your life is your ability to believe whether or not something can manifest for you.

Belief and manifestation

Let’s say that you are trying to manifest million dollars, as a lot of people have told me they were doing over the years. The fundamental question here is “Do you actually believe that you can get $1m dollars?”

It stands to reason with even a moment’s thought that there are plenty of ways in which this could potentially happen – from the simple, like a lottery win, to the unexpected and apparently “improbable” like an inheritance from an unknown relative.

But leaving that aside, consider for a moment how intense, how firm, how absolute your belief about the possibility of you getting million dollars is. If you feel any doubt whatsoever when you think about this, then you need to start manifesting with a much lower sum. You see, if there is an overt lack of belief, it kills the manifestation process stone dead.

And it may even be that you need to start manifesting things by going as far back as your belief system will accommodate – perhaps $10 is where you need to start.

My point is this: that when you start manifesting money, you really need to find a level of expectation that you can believe in wholeheartedly.

Now, as I said before, I’ve often heard people say that they’ve applied the law of attraction correctly, and they still can’t manifest what they intended.

But in fact what’s interesting about this is that people tend to continue using the same techniques that they start with – even when they have plenty of evidence that those techniques are not actually working.

And equally, plenty of people give up almost immediately within days if they find that they don’t manifest what they want. Then they conclude that law of attraction is bogus. Now that’s actually very unfortunate, because the law of attraction is an open passport to wherever you wish to go.

So what’s the problem that inhibits people from achieving success?

It’s basically that content alone actually is not enough to make something manifest. People mistake the content of their intention for the complete process of manifestation, and think they have nothing more to do after deciding what they want.

But the truth is that manifestation will only occur when it’s backed up by huge amounts of energy.

One parallel that’s been made with this is accessing the content on the Internet, of which there is an almost infinite amount, growing exponentially every day, but you certainly can’t access it without some kind of energetic transformation – the electricity in your home powering your computer being the most obvious example of this.


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