Making Manifestation Work

Expecting manifestation to occur without some energetic input is a faint hope.

You can’t manifest anything unless you’re actually causing an energetic ripple in the time-space continuum. That’s no mythology either: the universe responds to energetic input because it disrupts the processes that are in train in forming the physical world.

This is certainly a metaphysical concept but it’s not too hard to grasp.

Think of the physical reality of our world emerging from the spiritual potential world of the universal cosmic energy.

At any point when you direct your energy into the universal cosmic energy, you can affect the form in which things manifest out of that energy into physical reality.

It stands to reason, that the more effort and energy you put in to the process of manifestation, the more ability you will have to actually affect the process of physical formation in the world around you.

But please don’t get hung up on the terms that we using here, because it’s the concept that is important.

On a very superficial level it’s very clear indeed that simple thought processes alone will not actually manifest a change in the physical reality around you. I mean, if that were the case, every single thought that you put out into the universe would have a massive impact in terms of the things that you see and feel around you, and that clearly doesn’t happen.

It’s only when you put massive amounts of energy – that is to say, massive amounts of energy in universal terms – into the process manifestation, you can expect to achieve any degree of impact on the appearance of physical reality.

Now a lot of people when they find manifestation doesn’t work, they start fiddling around with the content of their intention, because they believe that is what’s going wrong – that they haven’t quite set their desires out in the right way. But that’s simply not the case.  It’s the lack of energy that is causing their intentions to fail to manifest.

So a very common example of how this plays out in real life is when children want something: they are what has been termed “high-energy manifesters”! They actually persist in trying to get something until they drive their parents crazy, and they very often succeed in manifesting what it is they want to achieve. It’s the level of energy that they put into their intention which causes the success!

So if you can put a similar level of energy into your manifestations you can find that they appear much more quickly. So consider for a moment whether you talk about your intentions in a lukewarm, weak, kind-of-indifferent and perhaps rather pathetic way, or whether you talk about them with passion and excitement as though they were the most important thing in your life.

Video – Manifesting Reality by Caroline Myss

Well, perhaps at this point you’re actually asking a question which is very relevant: which is, how on earth do you generate the energy that is necessary for manifestation to occur?

The first and foremost example of this is emotional energy. You see, regardless of whether emotions are the product of intense energy or the cause of intense energy, they certainly are an indicator of the level of energy that is floating around your intention. Let me be more specific.

When you feel very excited or passionate, happy, and joyous, and you can feel that that energy is infusing every fiber of your being, then you will know that you actually have a high level of energy around your intention.

Note that when you get the energy flowing, it has the power to do anything – it’s just energy – just like electricity will power any device in your home, that energy can serve to infuse any intention for manifestation, whether it is building a business, or manifesting large amounts of money.

Or getting a relationship you really want… Or indeed, anything else.

Now using strong emotions to drive manifestation is one of the easiest ways to actually get manifestation working.

What interests me is that I generally hear people talking about joy and happiness and gratitude – which are certainly very juicy emotions, and can certainly drive manifestation very effectively, but I comparatively rarely hear people talking about things like anger.

For me, anger is one of the most powerful ways of putting energy into an intention, particularly around money issues, where a lot of people feel angry anyway.

One of the questions that people often ask me is why their intentions are so challenging to manifest.

Of course one of the reasons we’ve already discussed above – that is to say a lack of energy associated with the intention.

But there are plenty of other reasons why co-creation (that is to say, co-creation in harmony with the universal laws of attraction) can fail to work successfully. If you hold an intention to create something new in your life, whether that be a new job, or a new relationship, or improvements in your health, you may find that nothing happens at all.

And then suddenly, without warning, synchronicities and coincidences will occur so that circumstances change for you in a way that makes your intention not only possible but actually probable and then indeed a reality in the physical world.

But why would this happen sometimes and not others?

It’s a very good question, and there are several reasons in addition to the one given above – to remind you, that is about the lack of energy associated with your intention – which can be the cause of this problem; let’s look at them one by one.

First of all, you fail to hold intention correctly

So what this means in practice is that when you put energy into some intention with the objective of manifesting it, you’re expecting it to go out into the universe, and impact the energetic formation of matter and circumstances in the world around you.

Of course the universe has to receive these thoughts and intentions, and then it has to have enough energy to process them in a way that will cause your desires to manifest. The more thought and indeed effort that you put into the process of intentional manifestation, the more likely it is to manifest as some physical reality in your world.

So failing to hold an intention basically is actually another way of saying that you’re not putting enough energy behind it, perhaps because you’re allowing yourself to be distracted by things that crop up in the moment and appear to be more urgent or more important in that moment.

Yet holding an intention is a demonstration of how much you wish it to come into your life; if you’re not spending enough time processing it, then the logical conclusion is that the desire you hold for that objective to manifest is actually rather limited and perhaps even weak.

Lack of persistence is the number one destroyer of good intentions.

While physical reality around you is actually the product of manifestation from the ethereal spirit world of cosmic energy, it takes a lot more energy to manifest things than you might imagine.

Whether that energy is just about starting a process, or continuing to power it as it proceeds is not entirely clear to students of manifestation like me, but it doesn’t actually matter: what we can say with great clarity and certainty is that the more energy put into an intention to manifest something, the more quickly and more easily will manifest in the world around you.

So one way that this actually affects the process in practical terms is this: you might, let’s say, hold an intention to manifest something as long as a week with nothing showing up – and then suddenly the floodgates open, and coincidences begin to pour into your life in a way that is not only astounding but sometimes even bewildering.

Let’s see how this works in the next post.