Manifesting Money

A playful game you can adopt when you’re trying to manifest money consists of spotting money in the street. The reason for doing this is to increase your awareness of how you might spot money “opportunities” that otherwise would pass you by.

Even if you don’t really believe this has much to do with manifestation, I urge you to try it because it’s a playful and exciting game, which will demonstrate to you some fundamental truths about how the world operates.

How Manifestation Works

That is to say, some fundamental truths about how manifestation operates, and how the Law of Attraction can help you get whatever you want in life.

First and foremost you need to have desire to make this work.

Desire means many things to different people, but in the context of the law of attraction, it actually means something like passion or intense desire for a particular outcome.

(At this juncture, I’m sure I need hardly add that you have to know clearly what your desired outcome is before you start trying to manifest it!)

So how do you generate desire? If you think about it, in everyday life most of us are quite lukewarm about our intentions and objectives, and we often don’t pay much heed to the things that we want.

In truth, we live a bland life that generally doesn’t allow for much passion of any kind.

Video: Manifestation

If you’re going to manifest anything successfully you need to have passion, you need to have desire; in fact, you need to have a burning desire for your outcome. It follows, as I think you can see quite clearly, that you really need to have a good reason for wanting something.

You need to have an absolutely passionate desire for something that will massively change the quality of your life, that will make things so different for you that your life will never be the same again.

And since manifestation and using the Law of Attraction are such a personal process, nobody can come up with a desired objective that will generate such level of excitement for you.

You have to do this yourself. It may be a relationship, a loving relationship with a man who loves you – click here to read more about that – or prosperity, or abundance. Or anything. Even good sex…..

If you’re not used to having a passionate desire for something in life, then it’s quite easy to imagine this step could be a challenge for you, and yet the Law of Attraction will not work unless it’s driven by intense emotion.

But we are going to move on, assuming that you have generated intense passion for something.

It’s a delicious and delightful experience, when you finally managed to summon up intense desire for a new objective.

You, like anyone of us, could live a wholly passionate and exciting life, and it’s fair to say that if you’re not doing that right now, then you’re probably living the “wrong” life.

Anyway, that diversion or digression aside, we are going to assume that you have generated some passion for something. But, one of things that people sometimes do when they generate passion is to increase the level of tension, concern, stress and worry that they experience.

And regrettably, anxiety and fear, concern, tension and stress, are all killers of the process of manifestation. So if you worry about not getting that fantastic relationship which you desire, well, guess what ? No relationship will manifest.

Once again, if you want to stop the process working, these are almost certain ways in which you can do it – so, what you should do instead is adopt an attitude of playful expectancy.

Say you have your intense desire for an outcome, but you don’t know for sure whether it’s going to manifest or not, because your belief is probably not 100% certain.

What you do is adopt an attitude of playful expectancy – the kind of attitude that a child would have when trying to persuade her or his parents to buy a particular gift for a birthday or Christmas present.

Indeed, if you were really want to know what playful expectancy is, then the best way to find out is to talk to a child who wants something badly.

Children usually believe they can get what they want, because they haven’t yet been persuaded by the world to have a lack of self belief, or an excess of self-doubt.

And this allows them to generate many successful manifestations of what they want – while you might have thought that it was just nagging persistence on the part of the child that got them what they wanted….!

Far from it, because children’s ability to manifest anything is a perfect example for all of us of how self belief and persistence can get you what you want…. Oh, yes, and of course, the intense desire that a child feels for its chosen objective is also a model to any adult who is trying to manifest something in their own life.

In short, do you have the passionate desire for something that a child can so easily demonstrate? Is your enthusiasm childlike and playful? Or are you worn down by successive failures, or perhaps by being told repeatedly that you cannot have what you want…?

Now imagine being a child born with positive expectations and gradually learning that in fact the world doesn’t give you what you want.

Could that be, do you think, the reason why you’re now trying to manifest more money?

There’s a website here which talks about the Law of Attraction as well as describing the process of manifestation – and it’s worth a look, because it amplifies the points that I’m making in this blog rather more eloquently and at greater length than I have the time or ability to do here.

Now, back to our theory about manifesting money!

So you have your desire, and you’re now in an attitude of playful expectancy. Will that get you what you want?

Probably not, on its own. You see, you need to have a positive mental attitude, and you need to generate the intense emotion which drives the process of manifestation.

What this means in practice is that you shouldn’t get stressed, and if you do find yourself losing your balance and your relaxed state of mind, then you need to pause, take a breath, and go back to the intensity of your desire.

When you summon up your desire, you feel positive sensations flood through your mind, your body, and your spirit. And as long as you’re able to enter that state of mind at will, you can be pretty sure that the physical world will soon catch up, so as to match the experience you’re feeling in your mind.

Some people believe that this is because when you adopt an absolutely firm and totally congruent belief, even if the subject of that belief is not present in your world, something mystical or metaphysical happens which generates a spiritual transformation, making your reality in the physical world equal to the reality you hold in your subconscious mind.