Can You Manifest Successfully?

Why Manifestation Fails

Furthermore, the more energy that you put into manifesting your intentions, the more quickly they will come because the energy somehow continues to propel manifestation forces “behind the scenes”.

What that means is even more impressive: if you are sufficiently skilled and confident and committed to an intention, you can actually set it running, as it were, by spending a few weeks focusing on it for several minutes a day, then move your attention onto something else – and your intention will still manifest in due course.

Some of the greatest experts on manifestation suggest that you hold your intentions at least twice a day, and again in those periods of the day where you actually have nothing to do, and “you have spare time”.

Spare time is wasted if you’re not doing something with it to mentally focus your thoughts on what you wish to manifest in the physical reality of your world.

Check out the 30 day trial method to see how it’s possible to manifest things over a period of time.

The second reason why people seem to fail in manifesting reality

They do not put any energy into intention.

Now it must be pretty obvious to everyone reading this that for successful manifestation there is a requirement of intense energy (I explained why in another post on this blog).

Even on a practical and simplistic level it stands to reason that if you’re not actually interested enough in achieving something to put any passion or energy into it, you’re going to be effectively trying to turn on an electrical appliance when there is no current behind it.

As a beginner, you need to focus on holding an intention that creates joy, because joy is a very powerful experience, and a great adjunct to the process motivational intention formation.

(And I think it’s also fair to say at this juncture that joy is one of the most difficult emotions for people to experience, because we live in such a negative world. Let me offer you some advice from Anthony Robbins at this point: if you focus on negativity, despair, disaster, catastrophe and the negative news that pours forth from every news outlet 24 rows a day, you are going to suffer. Now, why would you want to suffer? Stop watching the news, stop reading the newspapers, and focus on the world you can impact successfully – which is to say, the world around you in the here and now, the world that you can impact, the world over which you have control of conscious creation.)

The third reason why people fail in manifesting their intentions is because their intentions are not clear.

Again, it stands to reason that non-specific, fuzzy intentions don’t actually have much power – they’re too broad, they’re too imprecise, they’re too widespread, for either you to put enough energy in to make them manifest, or for the universe to know exactly what it is that you’re trying to achieve.

The fourth reason why people fail in manifesting their desires is because they cancel their intention.

Now what does this mean? Every thought is some kind of intention. They may not be intentions that you want to manifest, or they may be intentions that you want to manifest, but certainly the quality of your thinking represents something about the world that you are going to be creating around you.

When you try and introduce some very positive energy into a world that is perhaps essentially negative – and make no mistake about it, here I mean the world within your mind – you may find that it’s actually all too easy to inadvertently cancel a positive intention by thinking negatively.

The most superficial example of this would be the way in which people try and manifest a positive state of mind by saying things like “I am not going to be depressed any more”.

You may be able to see immediately the flaw in this reasoning: this statement actually focuses on what is not wanted. Even though it’s a negative statement its subject is still depression.

Try changing such thoughts into something much more positive such as: “I am feeling happier and happier every day that passes”. Even if this is difficult to believe at first, there’s something compelling about it.

If you have the motivation and the intention to change your mental attitude, then sticking to an intention like this for at least 30 days is absolutely vital. And you will appreciate, I’m quite sure, that that in itself is a measure of how much you actually want to make that change.

A good analogy of this is driving a car. You look out of the front window to see where you’re going. Obviously. But, think of it this way: if you look into the rear-view mirror as you’re driving, you’re focusing entirely on your past, and your future is gonna be some kind of crash.

Someone once asked me when I used this analogy in a talk that I was giving, “Surely you have to pay attention to where you are currently?” Well yes you do, but I’d argue that you don’t need to pay more attention to the present than simply to identify the things within it you actually want to change, and, perhaps more importantly, to express gratitude for the things that you have which are of great value to you.

The fifth reason why people fail to manifest anything is that their intention conflicts with their beliefs.

Regrettably, we are onto the sensitive area here; that’s to say, the sensitive area of motivation, ethics and morals.

If you try to hold an intention that conflicts with what you actually believe to be true, the intention is going to have no power.

So if you believe that your destiny is to live in poverty – and make no mistake about it, such beliefs are not expressed consciously, they are expressed subconsciously and manifest in the world that you create around yourself – then forming an intention to be a millionaire is probably not actually going to work very well.

This is a problem that has cropped up in goalsetting for generations: some experts will tell you to set massively ambitious and optimistic goals and go for them.

Others will tell you to set goals that are just beyond the place where you are now, because that is much more achievable.

The reality is much more subtle than either of these two extremes: anything can manifest for you provided that you believe it is possible.

Being a millionaire is actually really quite easy these days – but unless you believe that it’s possible for you, there’s no point forming an intention to manifest a million dollars in your life.

It’s almost certain that you are going to have to work on some limiting beliefs before you can form intentions that are uninhibited by your own sense of your own limitations.

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