The Law of Attraction Can Help You Manifest Anything

One of the most interesting concepts about manifestation is the idea of polarity. Steve Pavlina, who is an expert on manifestation, has talked about the energetic component of manifestation as being more important than the content component of manifestation – which it actually is!

There is very little doubt about that – because without the appropriate levels of energetic input to your manifestation intention, the universe will manifest what’s already programmed into it (i.e not what you want). To disrupt that programming requires high levels of energy.

Steve talks about using polarity as the key to emotional and intentional energy in the process of manifestation using the law of creation or law of attraction.

He’s talking about concepts that are a little bit far out, so you really need to open your mind to the possibility of thinking differently on this one!

However, having said that, any dedicated student of manifestation, which actually means anyone who really wants the process of manifestation to work for them, will have an open mind, and be ready to try out anything that is likely to assist the process of conscious creation.

So start from the following proposition: that every thought has two components – content and energy.

You can think of content as simply information. What content does a thought consist of? If you think of an apple, then the content is some kind of representation of that Apple. If you have an intention to manifest a million dollars in your life, then the content of that thought process is – yes, you guessed it – a million bucks.

That’s pretty simple and you can understand, I’m quite sure, that when you’re manifesting, the thought or intention that you hold has no emotional energy associated with it by default. It just is content, pure and simple.

So no matter how emotional you might be about a subject, there is an element of the thinking process which consists of nothing more than pure information, what computer geeks might call “data”.

Separate myth and reality in manifestation

Separate myth and reality in manifestation

To refine this example a little bit more, when I’m angry with my partner because of something that happened between us, the data is about who said what to whom and what happened – the facts that could be observed by a neutral, disinterested observer.

Sure, anybody who’s been in a relationship will know that energy is always associated with this kind of exchange between two partners!

So what in fact is emotional energy? Well, by definition it has to be the non-content portion of a thought, but the problem is that although we all know what our experience of emotional energy actually is, it’s rather hard to describe it in words because it’s a felt experience.

How, do you think it’s possible, to define the energetic component of an emotion in words?

So, for example, if you were being asked by somebody who had never experienced anger, let us say, to explain to them what anger was, you could only reduce it to a descriptor like “anger is a feeling”. Yet this is not an experiential description; in other words you can only know what anger is when you’ve experienced it.

That’s something that we could use as an interesting definition of energy – something that you can only experience, but not describe. Even if you try and describe the symptoms of anger, you’re still describing information (my face went red, my muscles got tense, I shouted loudly – that kind of stuff… it’s only data).

That is something pretty self-evident about this, but intuitively you know full well what content is, and what energy is.

Now what’s the relationship between them?

One thing that helps illustrate the idea is this: you can do is actually try to hold the thought “I am happy” in your mind right now for a few seconds. Take a note of how you feel as you do that.

Now repeat the exercise but make the thought much more energetic. Dance, sing, smile, summon up some happy memory – do something, anything, that will make that thought more energetic.

Having reached a new level of energy, if you hold the thought of being happy in your mind for a few seconds you will notice that it feels very different – the content of the thought remains unchanged, but the energy associated with it is much higher – and because of that, it probably has much more of an impact on you.

One of the lessons that you can take from this is that you are directly in control of your own thoughts and the energy that lies behind them.

You are able to raise and lower the level of energy in any thought that you hold in your mind, and since you have now observed the effect that raising the level of energy behind the thought has on you, you are probably better able to imagine the impact that it can have on the universe.

So a question that arises very often in this situation is whether emotion and energy are the same thing. I don’t actually think that is a very important question, but one answer to it is that emotional energy is the product of a thought process of a particular kind.

As far as manifesting anything using the Law of Attraction is concerned, you don’t actually need to have a clear answer to the question of what emotional energy is, you only need to have an awareness about the fact that you are able to raise and lower the level of energy you experience, and that the more energy you can summon up, the faster the process manifestation will happen.

Manifest with positive thinking

Test the power of positive thinking in manifestation

Steve raises the interesting possibility that actually we’re misguided in the way that we think about emotion and energy, and his view is that emotional energy comes from simply visualizing an energy flow. He says: “You don’t have to flap your arms or smile or jump about in order to generate the energy.”

Certainly that makes the process of manifestation more appealing, more interesting, and more attractive (in case you wondering why – it means there’s less work involved!)

So the formula that now emerges from manifestation looks something like this:

Content plus energy (i.e. intention) plus passion plus direct action equals results

So you’ll see that a particular mixture of passion (which of course is energy in itself) or direct action, and visualization will produce the manifestation that you’re looking for.

The energetic balance of these different components will not always be the same, but nonetheless that’s the formula that will allow you to manifest successfully.

Right now our focus is on the question of energy rather than content. If you do not have any energy to apply to your content, you are not going to manifest successfully.

And the interesting thing about this dynamic rests in something more subtle yet.

Extremely powerful intentions which are loaded with thought energy impact other people almost immediately, and long before the intention manifests.

Perhaps the nature of what’s happening here is that the energy you are putting out finds a resonant frequency in the individuals who may eventually be called upon by the universe to assist in the process of manifestation of whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

Certainly when you experience this you realize what a peculiar experience it actually is! (It leaves no room for doubt about the reality of things like telepathy or ESP, by the way.)

One theory is one thing, of course, and practicalities are another, and in the process of manifestation nothing is more important than energy as a practical tool.

Energy in practice

People have many different belief systems around energy, and the call it many different things such as chi or qi, prana, the life force, the Tao, morphogenesis feel is, psychic energy, and of course the name is irrelevant.

The concept is always the same, and the names are different. It’s not about belief system or philosophy – it’s about a practical system that you can actually use to manifest whatever you want in the world around you.

In the next post we will look at this in more detail.